From the very start, we at BLUE UNIKORN have been crystal clear that we are committed to working with influencers.
It is important that you understand why we have chosen to address your needs. The truth is, we believe in the amazing power that you have!  We know how unique you are.  Well... and we think we are unique too.  We understand you. We know you are passionate and make things happen. You have goals and you go after them with no fear; OK, maybe a little, but you push ahead! You believe in hard-work, honesty and transparency which shows your followers/customers that you are believable and relatable.
It’s evident we share these traits and values and we just know we’re going to get along great!  Together we can accomplish amazing things!

We  believe 

in the   power 

of  UNIQUE  

Why Are Influencers So Powerful?


For the last decade, we have seen social media grow in significance. In January 2019, "We Are Social", reported that 3.484 billion people are active on social media. Significant indeed, as that accounts for 45% of the world’s population! Unsurprisingly, these people are devoted to influencers and turn to them when making purchasing decisions.


What Makes YOU a Good Influencer?



People who are true fans of a topic or theme will quickly become followers. But beware—they can spot a fake in a heartbeat. Acting fake and inauthentic comes through loud and clear and people do not like it. However, when an influencer is genuine and shows his true colors, like you, followers become trusting and loyal. This means the fan base will listen to what an influencer has to say, they will trust their message and feel persuaded by the influencer’s recommendations and opinions. So, the result is that when you tell your followers to check out your branded products, you can be sure they will do exactly that.



Good influencers are passionate and authentic in their approach. It is extremely important that they show they are experts in a given subject and show their knowledge and expertise. Good influencers don’t continuously blast content to their followers because it quickly becomes clear they are selling; this creates distrust and really turns people off. So, as a skilled influencer you can introduce and market your own brand in an effective way without it feeling like a sales tactic. You show your fans that you truly believe in your brand because it is valuable and beneficial to you, your family and friends. It is vital to note that this is a process, so you should not hurry this process along. Instead, take your time marketing your brand organically, something which really appeals to consumers.



Incredibly good influencers—yes, you, can capture huge numbers of followers that are genuinely interested in your message and care about what you have to say. For example, no doubt you know the best days and times to post content which lead to great visibility, engagement, and response. Connecting with an audience that shares your values is the key to getting that audience to learn about you and what you have to offer.



According to Promo Republic, the basic definition is some form of interaction between a follower (customer) and a brand, which takes place within social media networks. Note: the term is not about a one-time interaction. It is the construction of a long-term relationship with target customers. Obviously, good influencers want to reach their audience, draw attention to their brand and engage with people. There isn’t much point to having passion, authenticity, and likability if influencers don’t engage with their fanbase. You surely know that when you regularly and actively engage with your followers by commenting and participating in conversations, you become a trusted voice and followers will take real interest in your brand.



This is a trait that is essential because if an influencer isn’t liked, they won’t have much influence sway over their audience. An influencer who takes the time to grow a good reputation will reap many benefits. So, needless to say, since you’ve got a great personality your “likability factor” is off the charts!



In the final analysis, if a person has got it all but doesn’t have authority, they are not going to be heard, it’s as simple as that. An influencer who speaks with authority and accuracy about a topic or product is one who followers believe and trust. Followers will look to that person for insight, education, and truth. You’ve got all the pieces to the puzzle, including authority, so now it’s time to make your move and take your business to a higher level. How? By changing the way you’ve done business so far.  How can you do that?  Call us at 954. 779. 0154 or e-mail as at for a free, personalized consultation!