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When the time comes to select the right marketing agency for your business, consider all the factors involved: mission, values, and the communication style best suited for you. As a boutique agency, Blue Unikorn and its team pledges to offer you a customized approach to customer service. We will listen to your thoughts and opinions; we will help develop your ideas and promptly interpret your vision so that it comes to life. The team will work alongside you to deliver the best for your brand—all for a reasonable price.





For those who are not familiar with the inner workings of full-service and boutique agencies, taking a close look into the topic is worthwhile. A typical large marketing agency employs hundreds of employees who work on teams assigned to work with a few clients. No matter what account they work on, they must follow a specific process as well as chain of command. While these large agencies promise to work closely with you, the reality is you are just another account in their large portfolio of clients. In sharp contrast, a boutique agency is comprised of talented individuals who all work together as a team. They all work toward meeting one goal—complete client satisfaction.


Let’s dig a little deeper to examine the differences and benefits of working with a boutique agency versus a full-service agency.



As with all relationships, personal or business, communication between client and agency is fundamental to the success of its outcome. As the client, you should feel comfortable to express your ideas, opinions, and goals to the agency team. It is crucial that from the beginning, the agency makes time to listen closely to your thoughts and goals as well as clarify questions before the team begins the creative process. When you choose to hire a large, ‘full-service’ agency, an account executive is assigned to you. This person is your main contact and is responsible for sharing information with others working on your account. Unfortunately, you rarely get a chance to meet the other people at the agency and can forget about reaching, say, the designer or copywriter directly. You must communicate through the account executive who relays your thoughts to the team and then reports back to you. This can very often lead to frustration and a sense that you are not a priority.


When you hire a boutique agency such as Blue Unikorn, you have the opportunity to work with both a point person and other team members. Interacting with all members from the designer to the project lead allows for fluid and efficient communication between client and agency. Quite often all team members are involved with you as a client in one way or another; this is how a close working relationship is formed. Throughout the process, both the client and team attend meetings to be sure that everyone is “on the same page”, resulting in less miscommunication, disappointments, or costly mistakes. A boutique agency is focused on personalized service and client satisfaction reigns supreme.



For many people in our society, the thinking is “bigger is better” but that thinking doesn’t necessarily apply to your marketing agency. It may feel impressive to be working with a well-known firm, but it’s important to note that large firms have a prescribed method of working with a hierarchy of many employees determined to keep clients within the confines of their process and timing, not yours. The large firms will impress with their catered meetings and expense accounts, but all this adds to inflated budgets which you, the client ends up paying. Yes, the personnel in a boutique firm is limited, but this is precisely one of the great benefits because the entire team has a real understanding of your goals and has a hand in the conceptualizing and the development of branding and marketing strategies solely for you. At times, a boutique firm brings in outside people such as writers or strategy experts. This means that you only pay for the people who worked on your job. Compare this approach to the one used at large agencies which employ these people full time… obviously, this overhead is passed on to you. In the end, thinking small can make a big difference!


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