Why private labeling?

We know that you have thought about having your own line of products, with your logo on the packaging, beautiful designs, gorgeous pictures for your web site, we know how it feels... We can help you make that dream come true!
Here we want to share with you, why having your own line of products is the best decision you can make, to leverage your power as an influencer.
Many influencers use private label branding in order to make products stand out from the crowd. Two key reasons they use this strategy: first, they want to create visibility as well as create a special experience for consumers; and second, brands do this because it creates loyalty among their customers. There is research to support this claim. According to a report by Daymon, a brand innovation firm, 53% of consumers said they shop at stores specifically for their private label products. Also, more than 80% of U.S. consumers buy private brands when they shop; they trust them as much as leading national brands. The bottom line is that private label brands are perceived as premium products and carry a higher price tag to prove it.
BLUE UNIKORN can help you create your own line of products.  We will help you find the supplier, packaging design and all the logistics related to the import and delivery of the products.

The Advantages of Going with Private Label


By selling your very own private label products, you build your brand. As you create a strong brand identity, you’re making a name for yourself and establishing credibility. 91% of customers want brands they follow to be authentic in their social media posts, according to Bonfire Marketing. When customers begin to associate your brand with quality products that exceed their expectations, you’ll earn their trust and a positive reputation. Simply put, consistent branding is crucial for growth and e-commerce success. Keep in mind if you establish a credible, recognizable brand, your marketing potential will skyrocket.



Online shopping has now become the norm. Shoppers have more control over their purchases today than ever before in history, not to mention the great convenience that online shopping provides. It’s not difficult to comparison shop online and it is less time consuming than going to different stores looking for products and pricing.

Unlike generics and national brands, your private label products are exclusive to your company. You are offering something shoppers can’t find anywhere else. Take Apple and iPhone as an example. Apple manufactures its phones with software that is not found in other phones. You can buy another brand such as Samsung or Motorola with similar specifications, but those phones do not have Apple’s iOS operating system. Regardless of the competition – which includes much cheaper phones – shoppers continue buying iPhones because they want the exclusive features that only Apple can provide. The same logic applies when it comes to your private label products. Therefore, when shoppers want your exclusive products, they don’t have the option of buying elsewhere—they must go back to you, time and time again.



You may ask, “Doesn’t paying for private label inventory cost more than buying generic product in bulk?” Well, the truth is while using a private label may cost more upfront (because you are customizing it with your own branding), this does not make it a less lucrative model. In fact, private label brands quite often have higher profits than other brands. Why? All the middlemen involved with manufacturing and distribution (regional wholesalers, distributors, and sales representatives) who would normally take a piece of the profit, are eliminated. This alone is a huge savings; overall, you can save up to 50% when you sell private label products. Cutting out this layer of people means more money in your pocket. Remember, you control the whole process: you create and sell your own products and price them accordingly. Undeniably many people are willing to pay more for exclusive brands, like yours.