I Hashtag

Don’ts of Hashtagging

Never post without hashtags

If it has more that 1 million posts don’t use it Any hashtag with over 1 million posts is too big. When you add this hashtag to your content, it will disappear immediately buried by hundreds of other images that were added to the same hashtag. It is very unlikely that anyone will see your post. Be consistent in the use of your hashtags This strategy will help your followers find you easily. Consistency is key. Not choosing hashtags that describes the content you regularly share and your target market is looking for may jeopardize attracting the right audience to your feed. Never use #love #happy Unless your entire message is about love and happiness, don’t use them. These hashtags get swamped with posts and become irrelevant. If you have the luck of being seen you might attract the wrong audience. . Don’t copy hashtags exactly.  Be original in choosing your hashtags, research on people that have similar content and interests, but set yourself apart, be unique, and select hashtags for YOUR brand, YOUR message and YOUR audience. Never post without hashtags Hashtags are your voice; the way people can find you. In an ocean of daily posts, using hashtags is your opportunity to be discovered. Be mindful, and thoughtful when choosing them, and never stop using them. #hashtagging #hashtag #useofhashtags #influencers #influencersagency #thepowerofunique #blueunikorn #blueunikornagency #search


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