In BLUE UNIKORN we believe in uniqueness...

We know you have a message to communicate. We will help you find your voice and the way to express it. How? This is achieved through branding.  


Your brand is the way you will be perceived by those who encounter you and/or experience your products. It is not simply a name, slogan, or a logo with colors. A brand is the feeling a product or business elicits. Brands live in the mind of everyone who experiences them: followers, the media in general, your close circle. Ultimately, a brand is a way to communicate with the world, differentiate yourself from other influencers, and create an experience that encourages people to engage with you. Every time you get to interact with your followers, you have a chance to make a connection and create a memorable brand experience-- that is the power of your unique brand!


It’s all connected. With a strong brand identity, you are perceived as powerful, genuine and trustworthy. These qualities resonate with consumers and eventually will lead to more engagement and build a stronger social media presence. This ultimately results in more sales.


Never forget YOU are your brand and everything you do should represent you in the best possible light.

We believe in  


the power

of your